Curriculum at Elite Dojo

The curriculum we teach is a hybrid of disciplines combining Karate, Jiu Jitsu, and Tae Kwon Do. It is designed as a self-defense curriculum with an emphasis of physical fitness and agility. This includes quickness in reflexes, endurance and strength.

There are several belt levels at The Elite Dojo as well as several activities that happen each month. From Karate to Sparring, there is something for all skills levels to find engaging and challenging. This part of the curriculum is where our philosophy is put into action as well as where we encourage our students to learn, improve and grow.

Belt Levels
Mighty Mights: Martial Arts for Ages 4 – 9

There are 5 levels of Mighty Might Ranks –
After Mighty Might Ranks Students move forward to a more detailed and advanced curriculum, building on their previous fundamentals they have learned.

      • Beginners: White, Yellow and Orange Belts
      • Intermediate: Purple, Blue and Green Belts
      • Advanced: Brown Belts level 1-3
      • Expert: Black Belts and Degrees of Black Belts

The classes the students will be attending are as follows:

Foot, hand and self-defense techniques
Board Breaking
Students break re-breakable plastic boards and a real board at the end of class.
Jiu Jitsu
Ground self-defense and throws
Tae Kwon Do
Drills on kicking techniques

Martial Arts traditional weaponry
Students work tradition tools of self-defense, such as staff – nunchaku – Tomfa etc.

Controlled karate techniques wearing pads (Mighty Mights and beginning students do not spar.) The student will train for about a 12 to 24 months before they will spar, depending on age and ability.

Belt Exams:
Each student receives an individual curriculum booklet. They work at their own pace. When their curriculum is completed and the quality of the technique meets the said belt requirement, it will be reviewed by an instructor and the student will be recommended for their belt exam.

Focused Goals
Students learn to set and achieve goals by focusing on specific skills in the standardized curriculum and achieving those skills through constructive peer interaction and attention from expert instructors who act as positive role models.

Students progress on an individual basis. When they are ready for a Belt Exam they will be recommended by an instructor. At the Elite Dojo students earn their belts the old fashioned way – They earn them through hard work and effort.

Students gain self-confidence through regular assessments that allow students to see progress and be proud of their results and accomplishment.

Students gain self-discipline with a structured class routine that requires increasing focus and attention.

Students gain self respect and respect for others through modeling and attention from expert instructors and through camaraderie with classmates.

Students learn to work effectively with other students through our unique instructional format. This builds camaraderie and teamwork throughout the student body.

Junior and Elite Demonstration Teams
As a student progresses in Belt Ranks there are many opportunities for confidence building and discipline. Students as young as 5 can be recommended for our Junior Demonstration team, then advance to our Elite Demo Team. They perform martial arts demonstrations in our community and act as out ambassadors.  It is a requirement of the Junior and Elite Demo Team to do community service demonstrations. If you are interested in having a unique and exciting performance with an emphasis on the positive tenets of the martial arts, please contact us.

Maintained or Improved Academic Performance

Students may improve their academic performance by connecting their martial arts focus, discipline, and self-confidence to their schoolwork. After the age of seven, students are required to have their teachers sign a ‘permission to test’ form before they can advance to their next belt rank. Students also have the opportunity to bring their report card in twice a year to receive an academic fitness award.

In addition to these character-building skills, our program strives to help children maintain an active, healthy lifestyle by building these physical skills:

      • Self-defense knowledge
      • Strength and balance
      • Improved reflexes, flexibility, and speed
      • Cardiovascular endurance
      • Concentration and mental clarity

“If a child is motivated to be a skilled martial artist, it is amazing the accomplishments and benefits that can be made. As instructors, it is our job to inspire our students to take that journey”

Sensei Rick Reshel
Founder, The Elite Dojo