Elite Dojo Class Schedule

All students are expected to arrive 3 minutes before class time. If you have questions, call 414-550-1440

Mighty Mights: 4 – 9 years old
Beginners: white, yellow, and orange belts
Intermediate: purple, blue and green belts
Advanced: brown and black belts

Select the class each week that works with your schedule:


4:30pm Mighty Mights and Beginners (60 min.)
5:45pm Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced (60 min.)
7:00pm Black Belt Club (75-90 min.)


Karate Birthday Parties, Belt Exams, Private Lessons


8:30am Mighty Mights and Beginners (60 min.)
9:45am Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced (60 min.)
11:00am Advanced Teed and Adult (60-70 min.)
11:00am Junior Demo Team
12:30pm Demo Team

Karate: Foot, hand and self-defense techniques

Sparring: Controlled karate techniques wearing pads

Jiu Jitsu: Ground self-defense and throws

Special Weapons:
Students learn traditional Martial Arts Weaponry

Board Breaking: Students break re-breakable plastic boards

Tae Kwon Do:
Drills on kicking techniques