Martial Arts Classes for Children Brookfield WI

Martial Arts Classes for Children

Confidence, discipline, self esteem and focus are the at center of our martial arts curriculum for children. Your child benefits from one-on-one attention with a group of their peers and experienced instructors.

All new members receive three weeks of free classes with no obligation, a two week all-access pass to Elite Sports Clubs, and one private martial arts class with Elite Dojo’s Sensei Reshel.

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Martial Arts Classes for Young Adults

Our program and instructors teach teenagers the skills they need to become successful martial artists and upstanding individuals. The physical and mental aspects of martial arts go hand-in-hand to develop strong character and discipline. Our classes focus on learning not only important martial arts skills but also life skills that build character and confidence.

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Martial Arts Classes for Adults

Great for stress reduction, flexibility, balance and agility, and mental clarity. Martial arts is not only beneficial to the body, but also to the mind/spirit. It is an engaging and fun way to be active. One-on-one private training is available. Learn more about our martial arts program for adults.


Junior & Elite Demo Teams

Through hard work, excellent discipline, and martial arts skill development, students earn their way toward an invitation to the Elite Dojo Demo Team. Students as young as 5 can be recommended for our Junior Demonstration team, then advance to our Elite Demo Team.

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Contact us today for our free introductory package including three weeks free lessons plus one free private lesson plus three family full day passes to Elite Club Brookfield with no obligation.