Martial Arts Program for Adults

Our adult classes are designed to relieve the stress of our hurried lifestyles and to provide the exercise necessary to maintain good health. We teach our adult students to focus only on the moment during class – to leave all sources of stress and outside distractions at the door of the dojo. This gives you the clarity to focus on your development as a martial artist. Besides, kicking and punching a heavy bag is a great way to release stress! The focus in the dojo will carry over into your daily activities.


Martial Arts Program for Adults

Our professional instructors will teach you to work within your abilities. We will provide you with a format to reach your personal best. Additional physical benefits of our adult classes are:

• Self-defense knowledge
• Physical confidence
• Increased flexibility and quicker reflexes
• Better strength and endurance
• Improved coordination
• Weight loss
• Mental clarity

Contact us today for our free introductory package including three weeks free lessons plus one free private lesson plus three family full day passes to Elite Club Brookfield with no obligation.